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Seeds of Hope for La Victoria, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization. Our mission is to support the mission of the Sisters of Schoenstatt, located in La Victoria, Santo Domingo Norte, Republica Dominicana, in educating,  providing medical care, employment opportunities, job skill training, and economic assistance to needy families and children in the Parish of San Antonio de Padua. Our vision is to improve the community of La Victoria by bettering the lives of its citizens.


Job Skill Assistance

Seeds of Hope has provided microbusiness loans to start:

  • A Jeans Store
  • A Rent-to-Own Motorcycle/Taxi Service
  • An Ice Cream Business
  • A Jewelry Store
  • A small agricultural farm and store


We work with the Sisters of Schoenstatt to enable youth with potential to further their education. Without financial support, attaining a university education would be unavailable to them. We have made a lasting effect in the community by providing the necessary means for promising students to advance their careers and attain their professional goals. Students are selected to receive scholarships based upon demonstrated academic ability, work ethic and recommendations from the Sisters of Schoenstatt. Scholarships covered college related expenses such as tuition, books and supplies, transportation and housing/accomodation.

Medical Care

The first Seeds of Hope for La Victoria, Inc. medical mission trip took place June 25- June 30, 2011. The group worked in the clinic; met with the director of the public hospital; taught health courses; brought food baskets to all of the current Seeds of Hope for La Victoria “adopted” families; brought over 20 suitcases full of medical supplies and other donations to the community and completed an observational study at the Nutrition Center. They also brought first aid kits to each of our current Seeds of Hope for La Victoria families. Each family received physicals for the children, and PAP smears and breast exams for their mothers. The group also filled prescriptions for those who needed them.


Thank You