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Helping Families Help Themselves

Capi Presna, Job Skill Assistance 

Those of you who have traveled with us before may remember Capi Presna, the mother of an “adopted” Seeds of Hope family. When we visited Capi this past March of 2011, Capi shared a new idea for a business. She wanted to sell ice cream. Since we have known Capi, she has always tried to find ways to help herself, from saving money to purchase a washing machine and washing clothes for a living, to maintaining a garden and raising chickens to feed her family. Capi is a hard worker and was the perfect candidate for an SOH business grant.

One concern was that Capi did not have the formal education to keep a ledger for her business, nor did she know how to invest her profits. However, we knew who did have this ability. Carolina Cuevas Lopez. Carolina, a former recipient of a SOH scholarship was an accounting major and recent graduate of Universidad Tecnologica de Santiago UTESA. When asked if she would help Capi with beginning her business, Carolina responded with an enthusiastic YES! Having secured the assistance of Carolina, Seeds of Hope felt confident that we could provide a business grant for Capi via the purchase of a freezer. Together, Capi and Carolina have established a budget and purchased the initial materials to start up Capi’s ice cream business. Capi works very hard each day selling her ice cream out of her new freezer. With the assistance of Carolina and Seeds of Hope, she saves a little more money each day. Seeds of Hope has helped Carolina achieve a higher education; and in turn, Carolina is helping a family in La Victoria to help themselves. That’s what Seeds of Hope is all about.

“With the help of God [and the help] that you have given me, now I will have a way to help others as well. I give you thanks.” –Capi

Georgina Ferrer Adon & Carolina Cuevas Lopez, Education

Seeds of Hope for La Victoria is proud of Carolina and Georgina, recent graduates and recipients of Seeds of Hope for La Victoria scholarship money! We are now sponsoring scholarships for four NEWLY SELECTED university students: Evelin, Fatima, Francisca and Marlin. These students were selected to receive scholarships based upon demonstrated academic ability, work ethic and recommendations from the Sisters of Schoenstatt.

We work with the Sisters to enable youth with potential to further their education. Without financial support, attaining a university education would be unavailable to them. We have made a lasting effect in the community by providing the means by which these women can advance their careers and attain their professional goals!

“I plan to get a job based on the knowledge that I have just acquired—whether it’s teaching others the things I have learned at the University, or applying my skills in a business setting.” Georgina Ferrer Adon, La Universidad Tecnologica de Santiago UTESA ’11 (major, Accounting)

“With your great help, I was able to attain my degree. Thank you so much! It [the degree] is just as much yours as it is mine.” –Carolina Cuevas Lopez, La UniversidadTecnologica de Santiago UTESA ’11 (major, Accounting)


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